Corn Oil



Corn Oil Specification

FFA (As Oleic): 3%max

Moisture/Impurities: 0.5% max

Refraction Index: 1.4719-1.4740 25 Degree C

Iodine Index: 120-144

Saponification Number: 187/192

Non Saponification matter: 1.0% max

Soluble in petroleter: 0.1% max

Sediment: 0.3% max

Flash point: 121 Degree C min

Peroxide: 2.0 MEQ 02/KG

lovibond color:(133.4mm)

Yellow: 30-15,

Red: 3.0-1.5

Smoking Point: 215-217

Aflatoxinbi: 5ug/kg

Carbonylmeq/kg: 10

Heat test: No educts


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